Enter the name, date of birth and today’s weight of your puppy and we will give you an indication of how much your dog will weigh when it is fully grown. Additionally, you will find out the approximate age your dog will reach its final weight.

As differently weighted dogs start with similar birth weights, your puppy needs to be at least 12 weeks old to give you a reliable calculation of its normal development. We assume that at time of measuring your dog is healthy and of normal weight - over or underweight figures distort the results. Disease or worms may also lead to your puppy temporarily lagging behind in its development. Although your dog can easily catch up, our calculations might not provide any correct results, while this is the case.

We recommend keeping an eye on the weight development of your dog. Register free of charge and without obligation with enpevet® and create a series of measurements.

enpevet® is working on further evaluations regarding weight and size of your dog. Soon we will be able to tell you at a particular point in time if your dog is of normal weight, too heavy, or too light in relation to its size. So pay us another visit soon!

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