Welcome to enpevet®, the personal health assistant for pets free of charge. At present the modules dog, cat and horse are available.

What is a health assistant and how could it be of particular interest for pet shelters?

Pet shelters can utilize enpevet® as an online administration program for their dogs, cats and horses free of charge.

The online health assistant helps a pet owner and veterinarian maintain a structured, sustainable and accessible overview of the health of an animal! All important information about the animal is retrievable by entitled parties in a clearly laid out form worldwide via the internet. Firstly, a health file is created, in which the master data of an animal (i.e. breed, (estimated) date of birth, chip number, size, fur color, photo, plus much more) and important data such as vaccination appointments, diseases and current treatments are entered. Then a reliable reminder of vaccination dates, deworming or checkups is sent via email. Additionally, there is a facility for entering information on keeping and feeding as well as setting up a pedigree and a photo album. Further information areas are provided for other behavioral characteristics relevant to each pet. A separate file can be set up for each pet shelter animal.

When an animal from the shelter has found a new home, the enpevet® health file can be transferred to the new pet owner, giving the owner permanent access to all the essential information of the animal.

Apart from the extensive documentation facility, the enpevet®-health assistant also offers additional functions:

Communication with veterinarians: The attending veterinarian at the pet shelter can be allowed access for each animal and also enter information under the special title “veterinarian entries”. Should a change of veterinarians arise through the placement, the new veterinarian has access to all previous assessments and treatments of the animal without time-consuming telephone calls or letters. X-ray images, laboratory results and the like can be added as attachments to the enpevet® health file in next to no time.

Encyclopedia of animal diseases: At every enpevet®-user’s disposal are articles constantly updated by veterinarians about the most common diseases - at present over 100 symptoms per animal species. These articles can be searched by key words or by symptoms. They offer sound, but easily comprehensible information, which can be a worthwhile reference for “beginners” as well as bringing experienced pet owners scientifically up to date. Additionally, other important topics such as diet, pet keeping, socialization and many more are addressed.

How does this work?

You can register as a pet shelter without obligation and free of charge and test drive the enpevet®-health assistant immediately – without the installation of software. Simply set up a file of an animal, which will soon be surrendered. Any pet shelter account with enpevet® is fully operational and free of charge indefinitely.

Here you can view information for pet owners.