Welcome to enpevet®, the personal health assistant for pets free of charge. At present the modules dog, cat and horse are available.

What do you require a health assistant for and what is of particular interest to breeders?

The enpevet®-health assistant helps pet owners and veterinarians maintain a structured, sustainable and accessible overview of the health of a pet! All relevant information about the animal is retrievable worldwide by entitled parties in a clearly laid out format via the internet. This is made possible by a combination of documentation, communication and information.

Some functions have been especially adapted to the requirements of breeders. You can create an enpevet®-health file for a young animal and transfer this care and health information to the future pet owner.

Information: In enpevet® at every user’s disposal are current articles about the most common afflictions and diseases – at present the volume equates that of a book of approximately 1000 pages. This encyclopedia of animal diseases can be searched by key words or by symptoms. It offers sound, but easily comprehensible information, which can be a worthwhile reference for inexperienced pet owners as well as bringing experienced breeders scientifically up to date.

Documentation: With enpevet® you create a health file for an animal. Here, along with master data such as race, date of birth, chip number and fur color, important data such as vaccination dates, diseases or current treatments are entered. Then a reliable reminder of vaccination dates, deworming or other checkups is sent by enpevet® via email. A photo of the animal completes the master data. Beyond that, the owner can store information on keeping and feeding, create a photo album and (with purebred animals) set up a pedigree. Sufficient space is provided for other (behavioral) characteristics.

As a special service for our costumers you can also set up a health file for your breed in next to no time, and this way give the new owner all important information about the puppy to take home.

Communication with the veterinarian: If the attending veterinarian also works with enpevet®, the pet owner can allow access to the file to the veterinarian. Under the special title “veterinarian entries” the veterinarian can enter information and set up reminders for vaccinations and next appointments. The pet owner or veterinarian can include attachments such as x-ray images or laboratory results into the file, which can be of great advantage for example when pets are referred to other specialists.

How does this work?

Register as a breeder without obligation and try the enpevet®-health assistant immediately – without the installation of software. Simply set up an enpevet®-health file for your mother animal. Under “offspring” you can test drive immediately, setting up health files for your young animals.