Welcome to enpevet®, the personal health assistant for pets free of charge. At present the modules dog, cat and horse are available.

Why a health assistant?

The health assistant is an online-program, which supports pet owners in maintaining a structured, sustainable and accessible overview of their pet! enpevet® reliably ensures that the pet owner sees the veterinarian on time and as a precaution. Additionally, enpevet® offers some functions which significantly improve the cooperation of veterinarians and with their clients and with other veterinarian practices.

How does this work?

We are sure that enpevet® simplifies communication with pet owners and strengthens customer loyalty: through documentation and information!

Documentation: Pet owners set up a medical file for their pet with enpevet®. Here, along with master data such as race, date of birth, chip number and fur color, important data such as vaccination dates, pre-existing diagnoses, diseases or current treatments are entered. Beyond that, the owner can store information on keeping and feeding, upload photos and (with purebred animals) set up a pedigree. A reliable reminder of vaccination dates, deworming or other checkups is sent by enpevet® via email.

The pet owner can enable you and other veterinarians, which means granting you access to this data. Consequently, veterinarians and clinic colleagues can transfer findings, results and other data, which you would like to pass onto the pet owner, to the enpevet pet record under the special title "veterinarian entries": for example, dosages for medication and appointments for follow-ups can be officially recorded. These veterinarian entries are safeguarded and can only be altered or added to by veterinarians.

The cooperation between various practices for referred patients can be significantly simplified by enpevet®: Results of examinations can be lodged online and viewed by colleagues giving further treatment, without the need for telephone calls or letters. X-ray, MRT- or other images as well as other electronic data (for example laboratory results) can be stored in the pet file as an attachment so these can be easily diagnosed by several colleagues.

Information: Informed clients are better clients! The cooperation with well informed pet owners saves time, leads to better outcomes and is overall more satisfying for pet owners and treating professionals by far. At every enpevet® user’s disposal are comprehensive information texts about common afflictions of dogs, cats and horses – at present already for over 100 symptoms per animal species. These texts have been written in layman’s terms and are regularly updated and expanded. The fields of application of these information pieces are manifold:

  • For the optimal preparation of pet owners for a visit to the veterinarian: the information from enpevet® about the individual diseases are written by veterinarians and serve as a good basis for the dialog in the practice – thereby, “superficial knowledge” from other sources on the internet becomes redundant.
  • For support in the veterinarian practice: many of the symptoms explained in enpevet® offer excellent images which can be used to explain the affliction during the visit – directly from the computer. This increases the quality of the consultation and simultaneously saves time.
  • For the follow up: often pet owners are agitated in the practice and not able to take in all the information. With the aid of enpevet® your clients can calmly revisit information about the disease after the consultation. Thus, time consuming inquiries become redundant and clients still feel well-advised.

We have endeavored to describe general information, causes and symptoms of the individual diseases as comprehensively as possible, and to offer a neutral overview regarding the abundance of possibilities in diagnosis and treatment.

Just try it!

You can register as a veterinarian without obligation and test the enpevet®-health assistant right away – free of charge and without the installation of any software. We will verify your details and activate your user account for an unlimited time period. Then you will appear as an enpevet® registered veterinarian for pet owners who can allow you access to their file.