Welcome to enpevet®®, the personal health assistant for pets free of charge. At present the modules dog, cat and horse are available.

Why do I need a health assistant and what can it do?

The enpevet®-health assistant helps you and your veterinarian maintain a structured, sustainable and accessible overview of your four legged friend! All the important information about the animal is accessible worldwide via a secure internet site. This is enabled through a combination of documentation, communication and information:

Information: At every enpevet®-user’s disposal are up to date articles about the most common afflictions and diseases – at present the volume equates that of a book of approximately 1000 pages. In these articles you can search for key words and obtain a corresponding list of illnesses. If your four legged friend shows signs of a disease, you can also enter words into the symptom search and obtain illnesses which display these symptoms. This encyclopedia of animal diseases is an independent repository - free from third party interests and associated advertising.

Documentation: With enpevet® you can set up and maintain a health file for one or more animals. In addition to master data such as race, date of birth, chip number and fur color, important data such as vaccination dates, diseases or current treatments are entered. A reliable reminder of vaccination dates, deworming or checkups is sent via email. A photo of your four legged friend completes the master data. Additionally, the facility for entering information on keeping and feeding habits, as well as setting up a pedigree and photo album, is also available. Further information areas are provided for other personal and behavioral characteristics relevant to your pet. This information can readily assist minders or carers when your animal is put into care due to vacation or illness, as all pet health and care information is clearly available in enpevet®.

Communication with the veterinarian: If your veterinarian also works with enpevet®, you can grant access to your file. Under the special title “veterinarian entries” the veterinarian can enter information and set up reminders for vaccinations or appointments. You or the veterinarian can add attachments such as x-rays and test results, which, for example, can be of great benefit for referrals to special clinics. Depending on the additional work created your veterinarian can bill these entries as an additional service according to the veterinarian fee schedule.

Get started:

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