How did that cartilage get loose in your dog’s joint?

If you have a large, beautiful and energetic young dog and the weather is just right and you’re feeling in the right mood, you might rummage around to find jogging shoes and head out for a run. Maybe your adolescent dog also has a bit of mischief in him, and you’d like to tire him out a bit with a long run alongside your bike.

You need to pay careful attention to your dog’s tears!

Fine weather and the first green leaves are the perfect excuse for prolonged walks. For your dog, the fresh air provides a heavenly mixture of the very finest aromas. Many wild animals, including squirrels, rabbits and mice are out and about looking for food and companionship, and they, too, emit an enticing scent. They can make even the calmest dog spring into action.

Female dogs: Better be careful! Spring is coming!

Along with the arrival of spring come those special spring feelings. At least that’s what you might think, since for many pets, the lengthening daylight hours trigger their reproductive cycles.

Is it time to think about ticks already?

After a long, cold winter, we are all yearning for spring. Yet, as the temperature begins to rise, little creatures are also awakening from their winter sleep. Various insects, spiders, mites and ticks are becoming regular nuisances for our house pets – and not so infrequently, they can be a nuisance for us humans, too!

January Resolution-A diet for your dog?

Obesity or being overweight develops from a combination of too much energy-rich food and too little exercise. Unfortunately, this time of the year, these conditions happen for both two-footed and four-footed beings...

Santa Claus, Can my dog have some chocolate treats?

Cookies, chocolate candies, brownies: surrounded by all these temptations, most of us humans have a hard time saying no to putting quite a few pieces of chocolate in our mouths. Many dogs feel the same way!

Can my dog have fleas in the winter, too?

As the temperature goes down many dog owners skip their monthly flea prevention treatments. While this may work in some situations, it actually makes sense to protect all dogs from flea infestation year-round:

My dog has bad breath!

Who hasn’t had this experience? Your panting dog’s snout is approaching its loving owner who is lying on the sofa, and the dog is joyfully anticipating a caress or at least some friendly words. Instead, Mr. or Ms. Dog Owner recoils with disgust. The smell is just unbearable!